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Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands is a famous tale of an enigmatic Brazilian woman and the men who love her. It is a story that has become a cherished part of the passionate Brazilian soul.

A rich heritage stands behind our premium cigars.

The Menendez Amerino Company has a passion for the art of making cigars - a passion that began when Alonso Menendez perfected the art of cigar making in Cuba during the 1930s. Alonso guided lush tobacco crops from farm to factory - to be meticulously cured, hand selected, and rolled. This attention to detail led him, alongside his brothers and business partner Jose M. Garcia, to produce the internationally-acclaimed brand of cigar known as Montecristo.

Learning from their father while working in the fields and factory, Alonso’s sons Benjamin and Félix Menendez knew they would carry on the family business, the largest cigar company in Havana. They just never imagined how far away it would take them. When Fidel Castro seized and nationalized the cigar company in 1960, the Menendez family was forced flee Cuba, leaving behind their hard-earned livelihood and legacy.

Landing in the Canary Islands, the exiled Menendez family started anew. They sourced tobacco from two suppliers—the Toraño family, relatives who had also fled Cuba, and the Amerino family who exported fine tobaccos from Brazil. After years of hard work in a foreign land, the Menendez family found success again with another top-selling cigar brand called Montecruz.

Impressed with the rich Brazilian tobacco, the Menendez brothers decided to pick up and move again in the early 1970s. In their new home of Brazil, they partnered with Mário Amerino Portugal to form Menendez Amerino & Cia. The Amerino family also had a legacy: ample experience in the tobacco industry, and a history harvesting tobacco plants in the ideal climate of the Recôncavo Baiano, a rich agricultural region in the state of Bahia.

In 1980, Benjamin and Félix honored their father when they launched the Alonso Menendez Cigar. While Benji moved on to the States and is now Senior VP of General Cigar, Félix created a brand to honor the passion of the people in his new home—the cigar named Dona Flor. The Alonso Menendez and Dona Flor brands represent two more success stories in the Menendez and Amerino families’ history of cigar making.

A family history of success and tradition lives on.

Today, Félix Menendez manages the company with the support of his cousin and master blender, Arturo Toraño. Together they monitor the entire cigar and cigarillo production process. Just as their fathers before them, Casa Menendez Amerino seeks perfection at every stage of the tobacco process - from harvesting to classification and maturation. Their meticulous dedication leads to superb products, recognized for their high quality both in Brazil and abroad.

The unique characteristics of these Brazilian cigars come from the exceptional Mata Fina and Mata Norte tobaccos, sun-grown in the Recôncavo. First discovered in the 1500s, these native crops have made Brazil the leading exporter of dark tobacco for over 500 years. Brazil is one of the only countries where you can actually roll a puro—a cigar made from such high-quality tobacco that it serves as filler, binder, and wrapper.

The Mata Fina is a broad leaf tobacco, soft and aromatic. Described as medium to strong, it possesses an excellent aroma and tasteful notes of chocolate, wood, and spice. The rich and oily Mata Fina maduro wrapper ranges in color from dark to very dark brown, with a striking white ash. Its exceptional burn qualities led many tobacco companies outside of Brazil to use it in their own blends. Mata Norte tobacco is a smaller, darker leaf with an intense and sweet taste. Known for delivering a full-bodied smoke, this variety imparts a flavor that is nutty and rich, with hints of roasted coffee. Together, the Mata Fina and Mata Norte tobaccos provide a pleasing and complex bouquet to savor.

Now, these premium cigars are being reintroduced to American connoisseurs. Cigars Brazil is uniting with Dona Flor USA to bring them to the U.S. with the same spirit of passion and pleasure with which they were produced, and invites you to try the unique experience of smoking the finest Brazilian puros in the world.

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